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Samantha – a regular at the late-night party spot – defended the club, saying whoever wrote the caption must not have been thinking. I think they just wrote that without thinking anything of it.” But many others were less forgiving.

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He quickly checked that there were no cars approaching and sped off.

She added that the NHW team regularly conducted patrols along Helen Joseph (Davenport), Clark and Esther Roberts (Frere) roads, as well as the smaller avenues adjoining the roads to chase prostitutes and their clients from the area.

AN AUSSIE nightclub has sparked outrage with a shocking Instagram ad appearing to encourage revellers to grope women’s bums.

Red Square in Adelaide, South Australia, posted a snap to its official social media account showing a hand grabbing one of their regulars’ rear end.

“This can also contribute to the high number of horrific findings of babies left to die in packets,” she said.