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There really aren’t any girls worth meeting on this site. We struggled to find 900 different girls to email—and remember, that’s in five different LARGE cities, we weren’t trying to find 900 girls all in the same place at the same time.We wound up sending emails to girls that were really far away, and emails to girls that were well outside of our age range, just to have someone to email. We didn’t get any response, so what was the point of sending out emails?

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Basically if we hadn’t already paid for this website, we might have just thrown in the towel. It’s not like our favorite site, Social Sex, where they offer a cheap trial because they know once you use it, you’ll be hooked and keep coming back for more of the same. It’s not easy to be THAT broken a website, we’re pretty sure.

Two of us are in the software and development industry, and assure the others that it’s kind of difficult to mess up a site that badly.

If you’re looking for girls that are legal but not old and in a major metropolitan area looking to hook up for the night, you shouldn’t have this much trouble. You’d be better off going to a bar, and that’s saying something (we don’t spend much time in bars). If all hookup sites were like Xdating.com, we’d have thrown our computers out the window a long time ago and just gone on a walk, yelling that we were horny and ready to hook up.

We had NO trouble with this on some of the sites in our Top 5, so we know it’s not about us.

Information : Page Speed is the speed at which your site responds to commands input.

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