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Take Away (go away with the lady) ranges between 30,000 and above depending on the shape and poise of the lady.

One of the commercial sex workers, Priye, who spoke with our undercover reporter, complained that the management of the hotel often cheats them by taking what she termed ‘outrageous commission’ from her hustle.

The 300 level undergraduate of Delta State University said before now, she took home no lesser than 20k per day.

Now, she has to wait till the end of the week to get her pay from the management of the hotel, after rent deductions. “Before now, I make about 20k per day and go away with my money, but since the introduction of the Po S here, I will have to wait till the end of the week to get my pay.” Another shocking finding by this reporter during one of his visits to the brothel was the rentage of the device to commercial sex workers for outside usage.

The sex-for-money mercenary described the introduction of Po S as a blessing for the flesh trade.