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For me, it’s this other thing.”***“I realized I’d started replacing ‘I feel’ with ‘I think’ in my jokes,” Winstead says, reflecting on her early days in standup, which started 30 years ago this month.“And when I started saying ‘I think’ the audience was shutting down.Just the subliminal nature of being on stage and making a declarative statement rather than a passive one.

(She credits him with giving her first big break with a positive review of her act in the New York Daily News; she was the first and only comic to send him a thank-you note.) “There weren’t any other comedy shows or late night shows with Pol Pot jokes.

Our first year on the air there was a lot of news about Pol Pot and all of a sudden we had Pol Pot jokes and it was terrific.”Still, Winstead and the show’s other pioneers cringe at the frequently spouted statistics that most young people get their news from The Daily Show.

I don’t care about stuff.”)“Lizz likes to relax,” says Gene.

Once when he and his wife were on vacation he entrusted his teenage sister to watch his daughters.

“I was never told, ‘You should be doing something else, you should be trying to get a job where you could have some stability.’ It was always just, ‘You’re great!