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Though thick and thin: Kelley remains married to her husband Scott, and the couple live in Tampa with their three children while pursuing a lawsuit against the U. government for violating their privacy When Adm Harward replied that he would look into the matter, Kelley responded: 'Please call .

Holly Petraeus is reportedly 'furious' about the affair, which forced her husband to resign from the top of the CIA ten days ago, and is demanding to know how many other women he has shared trysts with throughout their marriage.'David has been falling all over himself, apologising and begging Holly to forgive him, but she isn't listening.

Patraeus dating scam

Bubba, whose real name is Todd Alan Clem has recently been in the news for settling a lawsuit with Hulk Hogan after he allegedly filmed the legendary wrestler and his then wife Heather having sex and released it online.

When the Florida shock jock threatened to deep fat fry a Koran, General John Allen , the commander of the U. and NATO troops in Afghanistan and CIA Director David Petraeus both spoke to social climbing Kelley asking to help them with a potential threat to the safety of serving American troops.

The emails between Kelley, a married mother of three and medical researcher, show how she flattered former Marine General James N Mattis, then commander to all military forces in the Middle East, and his deputy, Vice Admiral Robert Harward, to win honorary titles that she treated as if they were a real-life diplomatic job.

The 39-year-old is currently in the middle of a lawsuit against the FBI and Department of Defense, agencies she claims violated her privacy by revealing her identity in the midst of the embarrassing 2012 scandal involving Petraeusm, then CIA director.

Petraeus’ letter appears to confirm reports that his wife is ‘furious’ at him over his behaviour, which came to light earlier this month when in a statement admitted he had had an extra-marital affair and quit as head of the CIA.