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After the Lakeview Amphitheater opened last weekend with two wildly different shows, it became clear some people forgot how to behave at concerts.

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Every phone has the capability to dim screen brightness. Some artists, like Taylor Swift, even encourage it to promote their brand as a social experience. Bob Dylan's strict ban on cell phones annoyed more than a few concertgoers on Sunday. It'll probably suck and look fuzzy, but you're free to do it. Not around the trash can, not on the stage and not on the ground, where people can and will trip on it.

If the show policy requires phones to be off and away, just do it. Are you Snapchatting 10 seconds of The Mavericks to send to your friend who couldn't attend Jazz Fest this year? Are you shooting a live video of the entire Brit Floyd concert to share with your cousin on Facebook later that night? You're driving the people behind you crazy and your cousin should've bought a ticket if he wanted to see the whole freaking show. Your recyclable bottles or cans belong in recycling bins. Dancing Music exists to be enjoyed and people enjoy shows in different ways.

Are you playing The Sims on your phone in the middle of Boyd Tinsley's furious fiddle solo? It's not hard to hold on to your empty can until you get to a bin in the parking lot or lobby. Even after a thorough cleanup by the Amp's grounds crew after Zac Brown Band on Saturday night, hundreds of cigarette butts, papers and foil wrappers still remained on the lawn for Bob Dylan's show on Sunday. Some people want to sit and listen, while some people want to stand up and dance. More often than not, a few dancers start a ripple effect to convince people behind them to stand up and dance too.

It's a beautiful thing and performers often appreciate it.

On occasion, I’ve escalated these complaints to my manager.