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Europe The recent Paris Microcom- puter Expo furnished clear proof that microcomputing is very much alive in Europe. hmf^i HP ■ m H*T"' Mr- .jt^t — •** 3I i_ jfl MHw - -^ * ■/ /■ K*fl| ^ j^^_ ' j i*i^r — *-' " l^C •q ^•^s Ss Tl "*E. *■& ,7^^ ■ -^ system has been remarkably de- veloped and looks very good. Most of the atten- dance is from business buyers rather than hobbyists, so ex- hibiting can be very exciting.

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The reason you get more for less from Percom is simple. Selling disk systems and other peripherals is our main business — the reason you get more engineering, more reliability and more back up support for less money. Standard features in- clude: two dual-density mini-flop- pies with 320K bytes of disk storage, 64K of RAM to handle even the most sophisticated programs, a CP/M Disk Operating System with a high- powered text editor, assembler and *Quantity one. More than an intelligent terminal, the Super Brain outperforms many other systems costing three to five times as much. A full ASCII keyboard with a numeric key- pad and function keys.

Endowed with a hefty amount of available software (BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL), the Super Brain is ready to take on your toughest assignment. General Ledger, Accounts Receiv- able, Payroll, Inventory or Word Pro- cessing . A non-glare, dynamically focused, twelve inch screen.

We'll be running another show next year, probably in Munich.

Traveling in Europe is expen- sive these days, as I found in my recent visit.

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