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We’re working hard to bring it back.” Part of that hard work was recovering from a poorly planned [2010] move from Marlin’s longstanding manufacturing plant in North Haven, Connecticut, to Remington-operated factories in Ilion, New York, and Mayfield, Kentucky . Machines were held together with what amounted to little more than Band-Aids, creating inefficient and costly production processes . Some of the equipment was in such bad shape that sheet-metal dams had been built around the machines to keep fluids from leaking out onto the floor.” Just four hours away, in Ilion, Remington’s factory had some open floor space where it could move Marlin, keep it autonomous from Remington [! “We realized it would be a challenging move,” says Fink.

“It required moving equipment, setting it up in a new location, and training people to build these rifles. Once this equipment was moved to Ilion, many of the pieces were running at a rate that was even less efficient than before.” Compounding the difficulties, Remington discovered dimensioned drawings of Marlin’s iconic rifles did not exist.

Can the brand survive four years of cranking out dreadful firearms, especially with Henry Repeating Rifles eating its breakfast, lunch and dinner? Lest we forget, Mercedes – once “engineered like no other car in the world” – released some truly miserable models in its brand extension wilderness-wandering days – and came back. But millennials aren’t as brand faithful as their predecessors, and time is running out.

We’ll contact the company for a T&E gun, or buy one on your behalf, and report back.

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