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Robertson has a very low-key online presence, which is a little funny considering she’s portraying somebody who put a hashtag in her memoir’s title precisely to encourage self-promotion.

“I don’t have anything that I’m willing to share with fans, besides photos of my stupid friends and my dogs,” she says.

(She bears the faintest resemblance to a young Julia Roberts, whose daughter she played in the late Garry Marshall’s 2016 film , the new Netflix series in which she stars, is finally worth the hype.

“Every time I do something,” says the 26-year-old actress, “someone says to me, ‘Are you ready to be the biggest star ever? “Yeah, I’m so ready.” During her 14 years in the business, Robertson has appeared in countless projects—CBS’s , a Nicholas Sparks joint—yet she would probably forgive you for not quite being able to place her.

Isaac liked to cause trouble at his private grade school, Westminster Christian, when growing up.