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“My guess is that they have a good recruitment infrastructure for auditioning people in South Florida.”The show casts from this region each year because there are “a lot of young, single people in South Florida. But South Florida does have a big population,” said Robert Thompson, a TV and pop culture professor at Syracuse University.

He looks and acts like Steve Urkel, the TV nerd character from the 1990s show, “Family Matters,” before he quickly changes into a sleek suit. “When I have someone I feel is worthy, they deserve to be treated like a princess,’’ he says on the ABC website.

Brady Ervin: 29, of Miami, model Ervin takes a sledge hammer to a block of ice, literally “breaking the ice,” upon meeting Lindsay. The most outrageous thing he’s done besides applying for “The Bachelorette”?

When ABC’s “The Bachelorette” dating series returned on Monday night, South Florida viewers may have recognized at least five of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors. There’s quite a few people that are single, attractive and outgoing,” said Davida Vaccaro, a senior casting producer for the show in a 2015 story about “Bachelor” auditions.

Dumped by Nick Viall in last season’s “The Bachelor,” Lindsay now has 31 bachelors who are interested in capturing her heart (or at least some TV fame) over the course of the summer. Connie Hicks, an assistant professor of journalism at Barry University, agreed.“It’s because people in South Florida are good looking, that’s the reason,’’ said the former reporter at WPLG-Ch. “South Florida, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale beach have a little cachet to it and let’s face it, a lot of people down here work on their tans and workout.

I’m definitely looking for that,” says the former Gulliver Schools student.