Updating startup caches

Smart engine allows you to boost PC performance for game users or home users accordingly. Optimize the program according to users' feedbacks. Mini Booster enables you to monitor your PC performance in real time including RAM and CPU usage. The change for the Cloud System Booster main program: 1.

Ability to create system restore points and call the system restore function directly.

writes a constant value in the checksum field rather than computing a value based on the block data.

Benchmark your particular configuration to decide which setting to use, or whether to keep the default setting. The mix of read and write operations in your workload can affect how a setting performs.

For example, on a system with a hardware RAID controller and battery-backed write cache, When the table data is stored on a traditional HDD storage device, flushing such neighbor pages in one operation reduces I/O overhead (primarily for disk seek operations) compared to flushing individual pages at different times.

The main program changed to be always resident in system tray. ---Make the deleted extensions or add-ons unable to come back again after Windows restart. Optimized the Active X scanning rules, added "Invalid File Type" data.