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Stephanie said, “Well Becky, your Grandma took a hairbrush to us but never the cane.”Becky immediately said, “So, Mum was spanked.”Sheila looked around with fierce eyes but as soon as she saw her Mum’s face she burst out laughing. That’s why I spanked you two, but you learned how to behave so I only spanked you a dozen times or so whilst unfortunately your brother didn’t learn.

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Scott walked across to his Mum and as usual stood by her side in his usual position to be scolded. She lent across and as usual undid his trousers and pulled them down quickly followed by his pants. He wasn’t aware of it but he had a mid way erection already, not quite as stiff as he usually had when about to be spanked, presumably because of the audience, but he was still aroused.

He bent across his Mum’s lap and as usual juggled about a bit so he was comfortable, making sure his penis was in at least a position to stiffen as it so often did.

During the first few months she found reason to spank her son at least once a week, often more and expected the need to reduce. One thing she noticed though was how he was well behaved in company, as though his fear was to be disciplined in front of anyone else.

Sheila had started to threaten Scott with a more public spanking and he visibly shrank away at the thought.

Still, Sheila knew if things continued as they did a public spanking was bound to happen. She knew he hated being spanked so often but that didn’t worry her.