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A white judge and jury convicted Reggie of a crime he didn't commit -- took three years of his life without compensation, leaving him penniless.

But while incarcerated, Reggie learned how to become a really successful criminal, making friends with members of organized crime who explained the synergistic benefits of combining drugs with human trafficking and prostitution.

Not only does the chat log show a record of the chat in a room or area since the player entered, but it also allows the player to click on the names so that the Player Cards of those chatting can be viewed.

Ya can come in." Lisa enters the dingy, rundown apartment, musty air filling her sinuses. He likes young, white pussy and never misses opportunities to nail it, but this girl can be a professional model with her figure and face.

The walls -- originally white, but yellowed by age and grease -- need painting. " "I need to interview your children," Lisa coolly replies. She fits his target profile with the clean, virtuous look magazine ads attempt to capture.

If the player has Bubble Chat and/or Safe Chat, next to the chat bar there will be a purple button with a question mark on it.

This takes the place of the blue arrow on the panel in Safe Chat.

This is a family reassigned to Lisa's supervision due to child neglect - a 38-year-old single mother with three children.