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He had never seen me in pieces like that – he’s used to me running the show – but for the first time he had to take over and he was brilliant.’ Chanelle and her sister Hilary watching AP race at the Cheltenham Festival in March.

‘He would never think, when he gets on a horse, “What if I fall?

Six years later, in 1996, he was on the brink of being crowned Champion Jockey for the first time when he was introduced to Chanelle, then a 20-year-old marketing and finance student, at a race meeting.

Chanelle was no doormat – she walked out on him several times – but to understand why she ultimately stuck by AP, you have to understand his then tortured psyche, and her remarkable capacity to help him overcome his demons.'I could see where the madness was coming from, and I knew that underneath it, he was fundamentally a good person, but I also knew that he was never going to make me happy until he could be happy in himself.’Being AP reveals its subject to be down-to-earth, humble and courteous, but also intense – AP compares his compulsion to win races to a drug addiction and rarely pauses to bask in his moments of glory.

The build-up to that decision forms the thrust of Being AP – and there is no disguising Chanelle’s relief when he finally makes the announcement.