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Looking back at the flood of foreclosures since the housing crash, it’s clear that many borrowers didn't fully understand the terms of the mortgages they signed.

According to one study, 35 percent of ARM borrowers did not know if there was a cap on how much their interest rate could rise [source: Pence].

The reason he did this was variously given as the monks were out of shape, or needed to defend themselves, or China was too cold to sit in yoga meditation and so he invented a moving meditation.

Bodhidharma developed the 18 boxing techniques of Shaolin and trained the monks to prepare their body condition willingly for the long meditations.

During the heyday of the Shaolin Temple over 2500 Shaolin monks have been trained with Shaolin Kung Fu in numerous styles.

Especially 13 famous Shaolin monks have gone down in history because they have helped the famous General Li Shimin in the Battle of Qianglingkou to win. Bodhidharma also spreaded the Buddhist teachings of the Chan, which was very accommodating to the Chinese mentality.

It offers the stability of regular -- and relatively low -- monthly payments.

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    In proving this subject justifiable by Scriptural authority [Luke ], its morality is also proved; for the Divine Law never sanctions immoral actions." Richard Furman, Baptist State Convention, letter to South Carolina Governor, 1822 "God is introduced to give dignity and emphasis ... It was this very atheistic Declaration [of Independence] which had inspired the 'higher law' doctrine of the radical antislavery men.

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