The facebook dating formula

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They also found demographic data differentiating the i Phone users (who clicked through at a much higher rate) and the Android users and were then able to optimize the ads to target them more efficiently (“efficiently” means “cheaper and faster”).

– I wanted to bring down my cost per click even lower. determines what words in an ad, in general, causes people to click and causes people to “Like”.

(see below) This made my fan page not only a source about my own blog (which most of the seven billion people on the planet could care less about) but a source for the top trending stories at any given moment for Innovation, Inspiration, Healthy Lifestyle, and Entrepreneurship.

Then, even if someone was not interested in me, they could still Like my page and always know they can come back to see these top trending stories in their favorite topics for any moment in time.

They also worked with the agency I hired (see #3) to help them update my page three times a day with the best material I have. Using this approach got me to the first 50,000 Fans.