Probation officer charged with intimidating witness

The defendant’s family or friends may also stare, letting her know that there will be consequences for her.Since 2010, DAIP’s training curriculum on coordinating a community response to domestic violence has included video vignettes on responding to an abuser’s attempt to intimidate a victim by staring at her during a court hearing.

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DAIP’s Scott Miller explains that a victim who reports this kind of intimidation may learn multiple “looks” that the abuser gives to get her to stop or start doing something.

Victims had to learn which look meant violence was imminent and which meant she had more time to comply.

As a result of the Duluth team’s investigation into witness intimidation, the existing question about intimidation was rewritten to encourage responding officers to ask follow-up questions when initial inquiry into intimidation was responded to affirmatively.

Such follow-up gives victims an opportunity to talk about any acts of intimidation the offender has used to gain compliance.

To learn how and when intimidation occurred in their cases, a multi-disciplinary team in Duluth, MN, observed 911 call takers and dispatchers, court proceedings, court hallway activity, and offender groups; conducted victim focus groups; interviewed criminal justice practitioners; reviewed prosecution files; and reviewed historical reports compiled by the practitioners who focus on high risk cases.