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The film bombed and was never released on home media until March 29, 2016, though it has been shown on television. Network did an hour-long documentary on The Gong Show as one of their True Hollywood Stories.ABC has recently revived The Gong Show with Will Arnett as the executive producer and "Tommy Maitland" (actually Mike Myers in makeup) as the host.

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Morgan often inserted risqué material into the programs, such as during a performance by Chuck D'Imperio, "The Shower Singer".

D'Imperio sang "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" while naked in a shower, inspiring judges Morgan, Jamie Farr and Arte Johnson to do a rousing dance around the shower stall at center stage. poked her head inside the shower, and later commented, "I didn't care too much for his singing, but I'll give him a big 10 for what I saw in the shower!

, was murdered hours after winning the show taped August 21, 1977.

and was taped on October 22, 1995 (according to the shows' ticket seen above here) at the time, which was going to be paired up with Planet Hollywood Squares for syndication but both of them were held off until 1997 just to see if their revivals of The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game (both are created by the late Chuck Barris) were working out. Eight years later, another version was going to be made for the now-defunct television network The WB Chuck Barris & Chris Bearde NBC Studios, Burbank, California (1976-1980) CBS Television City, Hollywood, California (1988-1999) The original Gong Show was later made into a movie (appropriately titled The Gong Show Movie) in 1980.

" (also known as "The Popsicle Twins"), which consisted of two 17-year-old girls in cutoff shorts, sitting crosslegged on stage and provocatively sucking and licking Popsicles, all without musical accompaniment.