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Meanwhile, Strictly bombshell Gemma Atkinson underwent a dramatic transformation.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on Saturday night at pm on BBC1.

The pair grew up in the same Argentine town and remained best friends after Messi was shipped off to train with Barcelona.

In the early part of the 20th century, Argentina was among the top ten richest countries in the world, maintaining this position into the 50's.

Between 1890 and the 1930's, Buenos Aires was totally overhauled, changed from a pretty Spanish colonial town to what it is today, a huge city with sprawling boulevards, French and Italian architecture, hundreds of parks and plazas and tree lined streets.

Why would he block me if he has 40 million followers?

Then I checked her profile and confirmed she had also blocked me.” Messi and Antonella are childhood sweethearts and have known each other since they were just five years old.

I wrote before about how Argentines invest in "brick", buying property after property in cash, as a means to putting their money away for a rainy day, in a US$ denominated asset, real estate.

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