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(All the characters are reinterpretations of the letter 男, which means ‘man’.) Popular Megalian vocabulary and expressions include references to social problems caused by South Korean men as well as inversions of derogatory terms used by men on sites such as Ilbe: Although men are the main target of Megalia’s mirroring techniques and retorts, women receive criticism as well.

These women – dubbed ‘corseted’ (after the restraining fashion device) or ‘Penis Emeritus’ are, however seen as a product of the male-dominated society, who must break free from the injustices of patriarchy by individual will (and by joining Megalia, of course).

The bag has Velcro strips that attach to the carpet in the truck.

The kit includes a spotlight, glow stick, tire pressure gauge, gloves, shop rags, rain poncho, ice scraper, and a first aid kit.

South Korean web portals such as Naver and Daum require users to provide their national identity number (replaced with Web ID in 2014), which allows admins and moderators of forums to restrict membership based on age and/or gender – but take away any chance at anonymity.