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(Hear the perspective from a seasoned government finance official that is leading the charge to help governments successfully conquer these complex new standards!) *Find out about implementation issues related to OMB's Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance).

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*Discover how new accounting and auditing standards will affect governments and your government practice, including common implementation issues, reporting issues, and best practices. *Get insights on developing effective controls for governments for the 21st Century.

*Hear guidance from experts on how to avoid common single audit deficiencies.

*SAARS Updates *Review of the Requirements to take steps to avoid Business Fraud through the use of internal controls and the Risk Assessment process overview.

*Professional Ethics Executive Committee Update*This program identifies strategic implementations regarding the relationship between intention, purpose and closure to the workday and their effect on transforming a workplace environment *Positive continuous improvement is increased when implementation of employee engagement techniques are in direct alignment with the organizations core values, mission and/or vision statement *This session is content rich, interactive and fun *Attendees will learn the strategies to assist them in creating an organization people want to work at and customers want to do business with*Find out about the requirements in challenging new standards on OPEB, tax abatement, investments pools, fiduciary activities, and other new GASB standards.

2016-02 -- Leases (Topic 842) *Overall lease accounting guidance *Lessor accounting 101 *Lessee accounting 101 *Detailed review of accounting by lessees and lessors *Sale and leaseback transactions *Transition guidance *Other operational issues*Leadership vs.