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He potentially faced the death penalty for the crime. If I could take it back I would," Hickerson said to Whigham's family.The two were last seen together on a surveillance video at a Best Western in July of 2016.And before the shoot I looked back at all the ad campaigns and beauty stuff that we had done to date for my brands, and I had never taken it to the boy side of myself.

Some people are afraid to try something different; they get stuck in the same makeup routine. I feel like with the whole Internet era, people can be so judgmental and evil online.

It’s the same brown eye and a wing, but I want people to get out of their comfort zone. [So this is about] owning your own self and showing your self-worth. People see men in makeup and have so many different opinions, so I wanted to shed light on the subject.

Glamour: The name of your palette feels very personal. I think androgyny is a good example of being you, being completely fearless and really not letting anyone tell you what to do. When we were doing the shoot, I really wanted different people, so we have a straight male in the ad, we have a transgender women, we have a drag queen, and we have me. JS: The cool thing with me is I really can do anything, which is so fun.

I wanted an eclectic mix of beautiful individuals who celebrate the word androgyny. I wake up and I'm like, Do I want to look like this today, or do I want to be super feminine?

JS: It’s crazy—when I first started playing with makeup, I was 12 years old, and I didn’t really know what it was. I think the beauty industry has taken an amazing turn. JS: I think people have the same standards of what masculinity should be and what femininity is. Tom Ford released a boy kit where normal, grown-ass men could get a moisturizer and what they’re calling "male concealers." It’s cool that a prestigious fashion brand is like, "Hey, men can wear concealer and light powder, and it can give you a little bit of confidence." It’s cool to see it transform.