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However, nomadic people seldom, if ever, leave any evidence of their presence.

The Bible tells us that throughout the Exodus, the people never planted crops, built cities or did anything that would be expected to be found in thousands of square miles of desert.

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Grey and smooth, the rocks have a fabric imprint, resembling coarse canvas sacking. The bottom of one sack is elongated and even preserves a pattern of stitching.

The top is pulled together, complete with petrified wrinkles, as if it was once tied with rope.

There was no burlap bag remaining—it must have rotted away.

We are told repeatedly that petrification (or petrifaction) requires an unimaginably long time—millions of years—to occur.

Support this site The Petrifying Well at Mother Shipton's Cave at Knaresborough, Yorkshire has been known for centuries. From the website "It takes between three and five months to petrify a teddy bear." Even though the rapidity of petrifaction has been known for centuries, this does not appear to have shaken the dogma that petrifaction takes millennia.