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Mitchell is such a dynamic speaker, so charismatic and one of the best teachers we've ever had at the studio EVER.

In One of the six sessions, 43 people signed up for middle school master students within the first few minutes!

Not only is Mitchell an amazing talent agent who has helped build many of my stars, he is senior vice-president of one of the biggest & best Children/teen agencies in the world. This MITCHELL GOSSETT/DAVID DOAN/MELISSA BERGER-BRENNAN seminar will be December 2nd & 3rd, so mark your calendars NOW and be ready to have a great time and learn acting techniques to use in your toolbox!!!

My students learn so much and enjoy his passionate teaching and his immense love for acting. One of the most anticipated workshops of the year is coming with MITCHELLGOSSETT! We will also have our wonderful local agents, WHO IS MITCHELL GOSSETT?!

Additional topics include: If you got wait-listed within the first ten minutes of registration for the Mitchell Gossett workshop and you qualified (which means: you are in a class this Fall session-either in a weekend intensive or the weekly classes) we are going to try and make it up to you.