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There is a significant French-speakin minority in Windsor an the surroundin auries, particularly in the Lakeshore, Tecumseh an La Salle auries.

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The maist popular names listed in the namin controversy wur "Sooth Detroit", "The Ferry" (frae the ferries that linked Windsor tae Detroit), Windsor, an Richmond (the runner-up in popularity).

Windsor wis chosen tae promote the heritage o new Inglis settlers in the ceety an tae recognize Windsor Castle in Berkshire, Ingland.

Housomeivver, Richmond wis a popular name uised until the Seicont Warld War, mainly bi the local post office.

Sandwich, Ford Ceety an Walkerville wur separate legal entities (touns) in their awn right until 1935. Ford Ceety wis offeecially incorporatit as a village in 1912; it became a toun in 1915, an a ceety in 1929. Sandwich wis established in 1817 as a toun with nae municipal status.

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