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It’s only the latter that Google is inviting developers to work on.Direct actions — things that don’t require a conversation, such as turning on your lights or playing a song — still require a partnership with Google.That whole conversation actually be with the Google assistant, though.

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Google has a lot of education to do surrounding these actions — they’re a weird and new kind of audio thing that sits somewhere between a website, a chat bot, and an app.

They’re similar to the “skills” on Amazon’s Alexa platform, but there are some important differences.

Douglas says “Actions on Google will eventually be everywhere the Assistant is.” Google says that all of it is on the roadmap and is “coming soon.” Until then, it’s focused on getting developers making things for Google Home.

Amazon’s Echo may have a long head start, but Google is rushing to catch up.

Additionally, the sound bounces off hard surfaces such as walls, creating virtual sound sources and making it difficult to detect its origin.