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Muddy Matches is one of the leading equestrian singles dating sites in the UK and Ireland and you can register for free today and start meeting other people who love horse riding and the equine world as much as you.Since our launch in 2007, tens of thousands of single equestrians have joined in search of like-minded equestrian singles who understand the horsey way of life and we have now firmly established ourselves as the home of equestrian dating and have played equestrian cupid to countless couples.

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The online dating site, is good for an individual who reach out and find their potential partner in life.

It is a place where people who have the same interests can come together and mingle, then eventually fall in love.

The word equestrian relates to the rider, whilst the word equine relates to the horse.

However, people often confuse equestrian online dating and equestrian singles with equine online dating and equine singles.

Apart from fulfilling an ambition, getting exercise in the fresh country air, and building up confidence as you develop a new skill, there is also a social aspect to it.

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