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In fact, he never talked to me again and though his rejection hurt, it also opened my eyes to my burgeoning homosexual lust.

Being brought up in a conservative home, I still played the role of straight man for my friends and family, but secretly I began to binge on every kind of gay porn I could get my hands on, even if, at the time, I specifically had a thing for horny twinks, that you’d find on

One night after striking out at picking up chicks, we ended up hooking up with each other, because we were both horny and a little drunk.

I think that's why I’m into gay-for-pay porn to this very day, like the kind you’d find on Broke Straight Boys - all because of straight man Dan's willingness to experiment. I could’ve died when he caught me masturbating into a pair of his dirty boxer briefs, like I had a fetish for his underwear.

And for a while that satisfied me, but as is often the case, my recreational use of tube porn eventually led to me moving on to the harder stuff and paying for higher-quality gay porn.