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This award-winning documentary tells the true-life story of Michael Morton's struggle to prove his innocence in the murder of his wife through the use of DNA evidence and the help of his lawyers, John Raley (of Texas) and Nina Morrison (of the Innocence Project). A courtroom drama involving a murder trial where the accused, a lieutenant in the army, is charged with murdering a bar owner who had raped his wife.

Starring Jimmy Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara, directed by Otto Preminger. What the journalist does next is stupid (in allowing himself to be framed for murder in order to see if the D.

Focusing largely on the courtroom scenes in which the slaves are charged with mutiny, the story ends in a decision from the US Supreme Court ruling that the slaves were wrongfully kidnapped and in their rights to mutiny and ordered them freed (realize this summary does not do justice to the movie or the story).

A rich but sick millionaire (played by Lily Tomlin) decides to have her soul transferred into the body of a younger women but by mistake her soul ends up in the body of Steve Martin, who plays a lawyer whose body is now partly controlled by Lily Tomlin's character. Read Roger Ebert's review (3.5 stars)., a slave ship.

Kennedy's assassination focusing on the efforts of New Orleans D. Jim Garrison's attempts to prosecute the real killers of JFK.