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Historians have different opinions as to when wheat began to replace the use of millet. AD) states in his His Rihlah (or Travels): When the traveler arrives in a village the women of the blacks come with anlî and milk and chickens and flour of nabaq [lotus], rice, and fûnî fonio, this is like the grain of mustard and from it kuskusu and porridge are made, and bean flour.

The conversion seems to have occurred sometime in the 20th century, although many regions continue to use the traditional millet. Archaeological evidence dating back to the 10th century, consisting of kitchen utensils needed to prepare this dish, has been found in this part of the world. He buys from them what he likes, but not rice, as eating the rice is harmful to white men and the fûnî is better than it.

The remains of the first vessels (known) in the Tiaret region (Algeria) where cooking tools dating from the ninth century have been discovered, very strongly resemble the primary tool for cooking couscous Couscous was known to the Nasrid royalty in Granada as well.

And in the 13th century a Syrian historian from Aleppo includes four references for couscous.

Millet was also used for couscous by the Kel Ahaggar, a nomadic people of the desert of southern Algeria, who probably learned about it in the West African Sudan, where it has been known for centuries.