Visual studio help updating

Whack Whack Terminal, by Daniel Griffen, is a new extension that provides a terminal emulator as a tab in Visual Studio 2017 (see Figure 1).

visual studio help updating-5

Having access to a command-line interpreter during application development can be a lifesaver, whether you're running commands, using command-line Git, deploying builds, or even managing remote servers and services.

Of course you can Alt Tab to a separate command-prompt window, but why bother if you can have the same sudo powers right in Visual Studio 2017....

NET SSH Shell Telnet, Terminal Control (which includes the Telnet control) products. Templates and extensions that get your projects rolling quickly and efficiently are always welcome, and I've got a few new ones starting with Simplify. Templates, a set of templates for building Web applications with Simplify. It includes a template format and associated tools that let you create custom project templates and integrate them into the New Project, Solution Explorer and context menu system within Visual Studio.

Both let you incorporate SSH and Telnet commands or terminal sessions into applications built with the . This looks like one of those tools you'll need to sit down and really figure out, but that effort will pay off every time you start a new custom project. If you're using third-party code or libraries in your projects, it's important to know how your dependencies are licensed.

Here's a roundup of the latest contributions to the Visual Studio Marketplace specifically for Visual Studio 2017.