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Apparently, the group's name is derived from Sam's memory of seeing words and letters in colour.It represents a way of looking at things from a new and different perspective.

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Prior to her well-publicized court battle with her brother and his wife, Kris underwent treatment for substance abuse at New Beginnings, a respected facility at L. She was eventually granted custody of Sam, although Mark and Pam were given visitation rights.

Kris, Sam and Mark all agreed to participate in family therapy sessions."As Roman Catholics, they've never forgiven me for getting the divorce.

And they've never forgiven me for not being perfect." According to Kris, her family "never found fault with Ricky - they always blamed me for everything."Sam Nelson survived his traumatic childhood.

He became lead singer of a band called h is orange.

They produced an album, "Take Down the Grand Master," in 1996.