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Because some day it’s going to be worth something.’”It’s true that the woman in the photos didn’t sign a model release; she could have made a good sum, over the years, from the commercial use of her likeness.

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Recently, he’d received an update from an employee of the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis—a fan-favorite motel across the street from Graceland—who informed him that a woman claiming to be the kissee’s mother said her daughter had died in a car accident many years before. Her Jewish husband laughed as she hung up the phone.

“I was under the impression that the Kiss Lady was dead. The bespectacled Wertheimer stands five feet seven but, to this day, has a full head of hair. promoting an Elvis tribute show on WTMA, a local radio station. asked.“Oh, absolutely.”One listener, however, had his doubts.

I didn’t tell them, but the girl was like four foot eleven.

Elvis was six feet tall, and she was standing on the landing while he was one step down, so they were both at roughly the same height.”Wertheimer was doubly skeptical. “You’re a fat little Jew with a bald head, and you wear glasses,” she snapped, not really remembering what he looked like behind his camera.

Several years ago, Malcolm Gray was watching an Elvis Presley tribute show on Pay Per View when a still photograph appeared: the iconic 1956 shot of the 21-year-old rock ‘n’ roll star playfully romancing a blonde fan backstage. “I was Priscilla, Malcolm.”“The Kiss”—as the photograph is sometimes called—is in fact the most enduring of the 3,800 exposures that photographer Al Wertheimer made of Elvis Presley, many of the best taken during a two-day period in June 1956.