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This is so good, and as we know in the fragrance world, all good things must be discontinued or reformulated.This one has been hacked to pieces, but I thankfully still have my original bottle.I have gotten other bottles of the Germany version, and it's pretty darn close to the old version. It's absolutely my signature scent (although I tend to wear something different every day. It carried me through all the fleeting moments of happiness, tragedy, hope, and love. I started experimenting with more fragrances and neglected red cap. I was devastated- wishing I had a chance to have her in my collection again. It is so well blended that my inexperienced nose cannot differentiate them. More for a more mature woman as opposed to a young girl, in my view.

Find women for date or sex on ebay

A spicy aromatic white floral that certainly goes the distance. I just bought another bottle and Im nowhere near finished the first one I purchased. And I bought the second bottle in a blind, frantic rush, because it popped up on a site online, that hasnt sold it, since 'Satan-knows-when'.

I dont give a damn that it was made with women in mind (Ive read where Ivanka Trump wore it for many yrs..I'll forgive the salesperson that sold it to her). But recently I received a comment from someone innocent, that "it smells just like soap in a public toilet". I cannot unsee it now :) So I have managed to get my hands on a mini of this one, hoping to test the P&G version.

Store carefully against light and in cooler areas, if you live in humid hot climates the fridge can be a good storage. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't beleive it! My roommate said this was what an elegant and classy boutique shop should smell like... So the perfume is now made by a corporation which produces detergents, deodorants, etc.

D &G was discontinued for a while, perhaps the bottle was from before the discontinuation. on an industrial scale, so the quality is not important for them..

The old version is much more balmy and sultry, perhaps better projection (it radiates), but, interestingly enough, the new version is not bad at all when it comes to longevity. It is a very unique smell, and I haven't smelled anything remotely close to this fragrance.