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(And remember, since Cortana is available on Android too, that doesn’t mean you need a Windows Phone to take advantage.) More interestingly, though, Cortana can parse even more information about stuff it thinks you might need.

For example, the on-stage demo showed us that Cortana can respond to things like “Send Chuck the Power Point I worked on last night”, or “What toy store did I visit at Build last year? Of course, if you’re more privacy-conscious, that’s crazy in all the wrong ways–but it’s a pretty tempting set of features.

speaker icon gone after updating ubuntu-19

Ask Cortana for “directions to [place]” on your PC, and you’ll see those same directions on your phone.

These are just the current features, too, so you can expect Microsoft to add more.

Or, if you have a meeting during lunch it’ll ask if you want to book a table, or make a to-go order, based on the apps you have available.

In short, Cortana is getting more proactive, so you don’t have to be on top of your own stuff–and isn’t that what having an assistant is all about?

i Phone users are out of luck, as i OS is too locked down for Microsoft to integrate with it as deeply.