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It’s so infrequent to create a show, particularly with the journey that my show went through, from different formats and not knowing if you were going to come back and then being resurrected with even more episodes. Even people whose shows have lasted for many years get trampled and to be able to leave the show with Hulu saying, ‘You can have as many episodes as you want.

You can come up with as many years as you want’ — and to be able to close it on my own terms, was such a rare gift.

For me right now, I’m so proud of the finale and where the character has ended up so much. DEADLINE: The Mindy Project KALING: There are three things, really.

One is, when it was the last day of shooting, I got a direct message from Bill Lawrence and he said, ‘Congratulations on joining a club of people who have ended our shows on our own terms.’ It was such a nice thing for him to write, but I hadn’t really thought about that.

Mindy Kuhel Lahiri is a familiar spot where we first met her in the 2012 premiere. I felt that I’ve not had to get ripped from the womb of the show, which is nice.