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But to be punished with such cruelty and such severity I just don’t feel the need. But who knows what could hit me next year or the year after. However, the Government rejected her calls for an independent review into her brother's death and the deaths of others in similar circumstances.As we speak, hundreds of thousands of people out there are suffering – they’ve got nothing to look forward to. They also rejected the recommendation of the select committee that the number of peer reviews into deaths of persons subject to a sanction be made public.

People are still dying.” She added: “These are not criminal offences; these are things that happen – missing appointments.

I’m sure all of us have missed a couple appointments in our lives. “To lead someone, even healthy, without food and any means for two weeks is going to have some drastic effect. I’m 59 now – my brother’s age – luckily I’m OK and I’m working. You just don’t know.” In 2014 Ms Thompson started a petition with that gained over 200,000 signatures, helping to secure a Parliamentary Select Committee Inquiry in March 2015, which came up with 26 recommendations.

“Managing Type 1 Diabetes requires good nutrition and regular insulin injections.

Rendering a person unable to afford food and/or unable to chill their insulin is likely to have fatal consequences.

Of these, the major psychoactive (brain function-affecting) compound is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).