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The former schoolteacher Chloe Combi spoke to hundreds of British teenagers for her recent book, Generation Z, and found that, “sexual politics have taken a massive step backwards in the bedroom, with girls encouraged to be passive and boys aggressive." She told me, "they’re almost certainly imitating what they see in pornography.” The Feminist Porn Awards began two years ago to recognise explicit films that represent female sexuality more truthfully (Erika Lust has won several).

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There were no women involved in the process of making it.

And the female performers were reduced by it.” The message she was getting was, “nobody is interested in our pleasure, our sexuality - only in how we can make the man come.” A lot of pornography peddles the notion that women are merely the tools of male pleasure, and many people are troubled by young adolescents’ exposure to it because of that.

Those aged between 18 and 24 - the generation that grew up with smartphones – represent the biggest slice (35%) of Pornhub’s female audience, with those aged 25-34 not far behind.