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Otherwise, RAs offered patients the option of verbal administration or self-administration.

The score assigns health literacy skills into four categories of grade-equivalent reading level.

Correct pronunciation of 0–44 words represents a 6 Edition (WRAT-3) is a validated instrument that evaluates the ability to compute solutions to math problems [17].

Furthermore, there are a few health-related numeracy measures available, but these measures either assess a narrow range of mathematical skills [19, 20] or are disease-specific [21, 22], which limits our understanding of the cross-situational and cross-conditional impact of limited ‘health numeracy’ on health outcomes.

Thus, new measures to better estimate ‘health numeracy’ or “one’s understanding and capacity to act on numerical health information” are needed [1].

For example, among individuals with diabetes, those with limited numeracy skills report worse diabetes knowledge and self-management behaviors, and have worse glycemic control compared to individuals with adequate numeracy skills [10].