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Garnering much interest from the netizens, they brought up a rumor which stated that Red Velvet’s . Not only Minho kept Irene’s photo card in his jacket , also he teased Irene a lot too on the event.

Whether or not it’s true, these fans suspect two points have bolstered their doubts. Red Velvet Yeri mentioned labelmate SHINee Minho at Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio on March 24. Our favorite idols are people we swoon over whenever we indulge ourselves by staring at photos of them.

it kind of makes me rme though because, if this were a male stylist or male friend (like that guy jjong always hangs out with) who'd made a mistake like that, it wouldn't be a big deal. Just make sure the location is off next time and I don't see any future problems. I'm thankful that she posts so many nice pictures of Minho too. Not saying she is but even if she was dating Minho, so what. As long as he's happy and I'm cool with everything.

SHi Nee's Choi Minho (21) talked about the difficulties of shooting romantic scenes with f(x)'s Sulli, who is under the same company roof as he is.

At the press conference of "To the Beautiful You" at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, he said, "I always thought of Sulli like a little sister because I saw her since she was just in elementary school and training at the same management company as I'm with.