Sedating mom pbs newshour podcast not updating

I'm not saying it was easy, it was brutal at times.

I just had to remind myself it was over and I had survived.

I was told it was the best type of sleeping pill to take as it is helpful to your system, non addictive and if you have allergies it will help with that too.

You should not use OTC sleep aids for long term therapy - it is only indicated for short term use - Normally recommended for less than 2 weeks and the only 3 days at a time.

I havent had any side effects of yet, but I know I was abusing them so would be surpirsed if some come up. Some things worked okay (3-4 hours of sleep) like the herbs.

My insomnia is anxiety/depression based based due to childhood trauma, but am not willing to wokr through that muck yet.

However i'm sure he'd much rather you do the benadryl route as a sleep aid than the ambien route.