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Dennis’s paternal grandparents were William “Willie” Haysbert (the son of Cal Haysbert) and Addie Barrow (the daughter of Allan Barrow and Harriet).

Dennis’s maternal grandfather was Ben/Bennie Minor (the son of William Minor and Lucinda/Lucy Wilkinson). Dennis’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Greenup (the daughter of Charles or Jeff Greenup and Rosalie/Rose Williams). Rosalie was the daughter of Jordan Williams and Elizabeth.

I’ve been lucky enough with the research sources I’ve had access to, to dig really deep into the darker corners of all these worlds, and come up with what I hope is an uncompromising and surprising thriller.

I feel incredibly lucky to be writing for such a wonderful cast, with two lead actors in Sophie Okonedo and Adrian Lester who are right at the top of their games.

O primeiro filme do qual participou no país foi 10 Things I Hate About You, lançado em 1999.

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