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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Tsarist regime used Cossacks extensively to perform police service.

They also served as border guards on national and internal ethnic borders (as was the case in the Caucasus War).

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Cossack service was considered the most rigorous one.

Because of their military tradition, Cossack forces played an important role in Russia's wars of the 18th–20th centuries such as the Great Northern War, the Seven Years' War, the Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars, the Caucasus War, numerous Russo-Persian Wars, numerous Russo-Turkish Wars, and the First World War.

Smegs nya serie Portofino har inspirerats av färgerna i den berömda Italienska byn, som är en destination för alla som letar efter riktig skönhet.

Inspirerade av himlen, havet och jorden på samma gång, färgerna gör köket till det mest romantiska och glädjefyllda rummet i hemmet, till dess hjärta.

The Empire responded by ruthless executions and tortures, the destruction of the western part of the Don Cossack Host during the Bulavin Rebellion in 1707–1708, the destruction of Baturyn after Mazepa's rebellion in 1708, Similar to the knights of medieval Europe in feudal times or the tribal Roman Auxiliaries, the Cossacks came to military service having to obtain charger horses, arms, and supplies at their own expense.