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The guys give us a little riff on the Mandingo fights from ' Django Unchained,' and then -- yes, there's more! But when it's Justin Timberlake, you can always assume that so many awesome people are showing up because, well, it's . It's a Date Bill Hader is the smarmy host of a dating game show where Vanessa Bayer is trying to find a man.

Her bachelors include Bobby Moynihan, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's "Dick in a Box" guys, and Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin's Wild and Crazy Guys!

Veganville Timberlake does the ol' restaurant mascot routine, which, in my opinion, never gets old. Thank you, ' SNL' -- of all your modern inventions, Stefon and Justin Timberlake may be the best.

This time, he's dressed as a giant piece of tofu and battling Moynihan's Sausage Depot promoter using songs like "Ice, Ice Baby," converted to "Brown Rice, Baby," and Rihanna's "We Found Love," changed to "We found love in a meatless place." The sketch is one-note and repetitive, but it always puts Timberlake through his paces, making him hop from one music genre to another -- while wearing a giant, absurd costume, no less. The Tales of Sober Caligula What would have happened if Caligula had a moment of clarity and decided to sober up?

Maine Justice I'm not the biggest fan of Maine Justice, but this new installment is winning me over a little with Kate Mc Kinnon's wonderful performance, the involvement of the charismatic Timberlake, and Andy Samberg playing the straight guy, which is always fun.