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Everywhere you look you're bound to see something related to the Internet.Click on the icon at left to see an Internet growth summary.In the study Who Says What About Whom: Young Voters' Impression Formation of Political Candidates on Social Networking Sites, published in the latest issue of Mass Communications and Society, Lee looked at how young voters' impressions of political candidates were formed by other people's Facebook posts.

Newspapers and other print media have yet to take full advantage of the Internet.

Their online publications usually appear as carbon copies of their printed publications.

The number of users logging on continues to skyrocket. It allows one to stay in touch inexpensively with family, friends and acquaintances next door, in the next town, in the next state, in the next country and so on.

Email is faster and cheaper than "snail mail" (regular Post Office mail). The simple answer, of course, is society embracing the pluses of technology and searching ardently for ways to alleive or eliminate the minuses.

Those who do decide to begin signing on risk becoming "addicted" [PAGE 3] to the internet. Adding to the confusion is the outpouring of "Web TV", a product created and designed to allow non-computer owners to surf the web/internet from their television sets.