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Video of students as young as 14, having sex on school grounds in Baltimore, has spread online. “I don’t think this little girl should have did what she did, but she did it,” said a woman on You Tube.

Police say rumors of arrests after an incident involving Frederick Douglass High students– which WJZ was first to report– where a girl says she was recorded without her knowledge, are false, although they are still investigating. “I don’t think this little boy should have got what he got, but he got it, and now what are we going to do about it?

Trump was holding both Arabella and Joseph's hands as he, Melania, and Barron stepped out of the Oval Office, but he and his granddaughter eventually took off by themselves ahead of the group.

While Trump was with Arabella and waving with his free hand, Barron walked alongside his nephew Joseph, who is turning four in October.

The incidents are provoking strong opinions online.