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Speak to a pharmacist or your GP before taking antihistamines if you're already taking other medicines.There may be a risk the medicines could affect each other, which could stop either from working properly or increase the risk of side effects.H1-antihistamines are commonly used for the of the literature searching key databases for high quality published and unpublished material on this subject; in addition, we contacted experts in this area and relevant pharmaceutical companies.

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Take your medicine as advised by your pharmacist or doctor, or as described in the leaflet that comes with it.

Before taking an antihistamine, you should know: The advice varies depending on the exact medicine you're taking.

Second-generation H(1)-antihistamines are preferable to first-generation H(1)-antihistamines in the management of non-anaphylactic allergic reactions, AR, AE and CSU due to: their better safety profile, including minimal cognitive and antimuscarinic side effects and a longer duration of action.

We offer some guidance as to the choices of H(1)-antihistamines available currently and their use in specific clinical settings.

Your pharmacist or doctor can recommend one that's best for you.