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She encourages her social media followers to vegan lifestyle and to use gluten/petroleum/mineral oil free . I’ve always considered myself to be a spiritual person.

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And sharing some of my stories now, I realize that not everybody did the things I did.

So it’s kind of nice to reflect on the past and share experiences, because then you start to learn, ‘Oh yeah. You never get the girl that you see on the picture. But there’s this whole other side that people don’t really think about, unless you’ve been there and experienced it for yourself. But most times, you come away losing something, which means that you’ve probably lost a lot of shit.

We were honestly speechless at how beautiful everything was – it truly felt like a real life fairy tale, “I chose it to be the main bar of the night as a special piece devoted to Brendon. Their most recent album is the Death of Bachelor which was released at the beginning of last year. As is the case with most of the celebrities, she received a fair amount of abuse when her relationship with Brendon Urie was made public.

The man loves his beer/whiskey, so I wanted to surprise him by having that area be a special highlight. Brendon revealed that they titled their song to ‘throw out his wife’ and she was an inspiration to the album.“This whole album was written at my house where she and I live and it reflects very much the lifestyle I was living [while writing it], which is so different from who I used to be,” Brendon told Brendon’s experiments with sexuality have been well documented. Her husband was quick to come on her defense and tweeted an angry message to his abusive fans.

But Urie says that concept only came after the fact.