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When I was at Burning Man, I handed out free ear-plugs (a tub of 200 of them cost me ) since it was a noisy event and sleeping was hard.

At concerts, I've activated an app on my phone that makes the phone look like a candle, and hold this in my hand instead. Another fun one was when I was in Valencia (the first time when I was 21), I managed to find a tandem bike for a really good price.

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There are plans to add several languages, including Chinese.

Windows 8 users will be able to use a beta version of Skype Translator by the end of the year, said Gurdeep Pall, Microsoft’s vice president of Skype and Lync.

I find people's “peer pressure” to drink is not as much that they need you to drink, but they don't see you doing something or having fun, and want to change that.

Simply not looking like you're awkwardly missing “something” changes everything at these events, and if you can bring something that can make the event more fun, all the better!

–but I had to overcome a lot to get to the point where I am now, where I can gladly walk up to a stranger and proceed to make an ass out of myself in their language considering I've just started to learn it.