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Combine the egg yolks and sugar and beat for 5 minutes or until the mixture has doubled in volume.

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After working in local theater plays and television commercials in her childhood, Duff gained fame for playing the title role in the Disney Channel television series book series and is now working on an album.

She went on to release "All About You" and "Chasing The Sun" in 2014. Best of Hilary Duff, a second compilation of her greatest hits, was released in the last quarter of 2008, producing her a third #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart with the single "Reach Out".

127-8) Why are some candies associated with Christmas? Confectioners were quick to recognize the popularity of hard candy, in its various forms.

Before long, hard candies of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavors were produced for "recreational" purposes.

Place seam side down on a long serving tray and cut off both ends diagonally.